As you already know, its mudbug season everywhere and I remember a time when folks didn't want to touch crawfish, now everybody loves them for the most part. I've always been leery about eating boiled crawfish in Texas because like everything else, folks here try to "put their own twist" to something simple like pouring "sauce" onto a seafood that you will have to PEEL to eat, which to me, is kind of ass backwards. If you want sauce, peel, then DIP...but I digress.

Some "crawfish enthusiasts" Weren't Too Happy With My TikTok Video About How To Make Crawfish.

So on my last visit to Louisiana, I shared a TikTok video and wrote an article about the proper way to boil crawfish from a store owner who routinely SELLS OUT of his crawfish every week. But some nerds disagreed with his method (which I didn't show completely to protect his recipe) which is what folks do in the internet era but I got wind of something going down in April that I invite ALL crawfish lovers to go to and put up or shut up.

Its Appropriately Called The Big Ass Crawfish Bash!

If you love crawdaddies like I do, then this is the SUPER BOWL of Boils right here! The Big Ass Crawfish Bash is considered to be the largest crawfish festival in the world and they got the numbers to back it up. The annual event set a Guinness World Record in 2017 for the largest serving of crawfish in eight hours: over 58,000 pounds!

All-you-can-eat crawfish, a front-row seat to a crawfish cook-off with more than 50 teams, and so much more.

Crawfish Boil
David Lee

This year's event is happening at Highland Bayou Park in La Marque April 2nd with much of the proceeds going to local organizations that benefit the community so all this good eating is going to great causes! They are expecting over 10,000 folks this year (including me) so you definitely want to get tickets to this one!

 You Get Tickets At Their Website Or Find Out More At Their Facebook Page!

There's going to be lots of heads getting sucked and tails getting pinched!

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