Max Brooks' book, 'World War Z' is now soon to become a major motion picture starring the one and only, Brad Pitt! The zombies are wicked fast and Brad's hair is super cool. It's all inside to see for yourself!

I have never been disappointed by a Brad Pitt film before and the fact that such a big name star is on the line up for the cast of this movie is very exciting for me! Think about it: what was the last zombie movie you saw that had an A-list actor in it?

But I digress, since the popularity of ZOMBIES has grown due to the popularity of AMC's hit show 'Walking Dead', it was only a matter of time before a big action packed film was made.

And the book of choice to be made into one of the summer's biggest hits? Max Brooks' 'World War Z'.

Several fans of the book are disappointed that the movie is obviously taking a different direction from the book, but who's to say you can't enjoy them both?

Check out the preview for the movie and then read the story line of the book. You'll see what I mean about them being different. (I, personally, have not read the book, but plan to enjoy both the book and the movie as soon as possible!)


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