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The unique and impressive eatery All About Cha Cafe opened Saturday, May 2nd, at 2810 W. Loop 289 in the West End Shopping Center in Lubbock.

Just a few doors down and across from the Nike Store, the new eatery takes up a large corner and offers plenty of indoor seating, but it's not for use quite yet due to the coronavirus. Right now, they're offering curbside pickup and a truly unique menu that is really something different here in Lubbock.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet the owner Yan Chang, originally from China. She has called Lubbock home for many years now.

"The store is unique to Lubbock, so we just want to welcome everybody, to give it a chance and try it out," Chang told us. "We have a lot of imported stuff. It's a blend of everything, we have European food, some French food, Asian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese."

They are a coffee, tea and bistro eatery, and boast plenty of seating with a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.

The menu covers a lot of ground and includes an extensive breakfast menu, lunch and dinner.

There are waffles and omelettes, quiche and wraps for breakfast. For lunch, customers can try sushi, in addition to a wide range of signature dishes. Everything from salads, wraps, paninis, and crescent sandwiches, a Bento Box and Bibimbop. They offer four different soups for all tastes, plus fresh desserts.

We've covered a lot and haven't even talked about their featured gourmet teas and coffees. You can visit their website to explore their impressive choices and order easily on their clickable menu.

This is a franchise that has made quite a splash with their six locations in Oklahoma. We wish them the very best on their opening here. Welcome to Lubbock, All About Cha!

All About Cha Opens in Lubbock, Texas

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