The Midwest and South dominate the list of thrifty shoppers according to recent data.

Our good friends to the north in Oklahoma spend the most per capita of any state. Texas didn't make the list and we don't know if they were close. I'm guessing by the proximity of the states that made the top 10, we probably just missed it. analyzed Walmart's sales data from last year to find out which states spend the most money per capita. Here they are:

1.  Oklahoma: an average of $1,662 per person

2.  South Dakota: $1,512

3.  Arkansas: $1,495

4.  Alabama: $1,477

5.  Kansas: $1,418

6.  Mississippi: $1,395

7.  Louisiana: $1,235

8.  Missouri: $1,231

9.  North Dakota: $1,189

10.  Tennessee: $1,126

Here's the site's methodology:

GOBankingRates sourced total state sales tax revenue figures from Walmart for fiscal year ending January 31, 2015, for each U.S. state as of July 2015, excluding Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon, which don't collect state sales tax. Using the total sales tax collected and the average state and municipal sales tax of the state from Tax Foundation, GOBankingRates projected Walmart's total revenue for the state in 2014. Lastly, the estimated revenue from Walmart in the state was divided by the estimated adult population of the state to generate the per capita spending at Walmart for each state. State median income data was sourced from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

For the last couple decades, Walmart has been creeping across the country, showing up in smaller towns and pretty much wiping out the competition. One could even argue they are party responsible for the destruction of rural American towns, as it seems people would rather drive an hour or more to say money than to shop local.