Since moving to Lubbock a few years ago, there's one thing that has stood out to me: Texas drivers are a different breed. I thought the drivers where I grew up were crazy, but my view completely changed once I move to the Lone Star State.

First of all, having roads with a 75 mph speed limit is crazy. The thing that's crazier are all the people still going 15+ miles an hour over that speed limit. It's already so fast. Where do you need to be going to at 90 miles an hour?

The other confusing thing are all of the people that drive big SUVs that have a grille guard. My first instinct seeing a car like that is that it's a police officer. Now, I've never even been pulled over before, but that doesn't mean my anxiety doesn't peak for a second when I see what looks like an undercover patrol vehicle.

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Turns out, most of the cars that look like they might be and undercover cop are really just a suburban mom taking her kids to soccer practice. Ma'am, why do you need to have a cattle pusher on your car when you don't even live on a farm?

Along the theme of Texas drivers, I recently came across this TikTok that's incredibly relatable. I've witnessed this many times, and I will never understand it. Apparently, the Texas way to deal with traffic on the freeway is to simple drive off of the road, through the grass, and onto the frontage road.

Content Warning: NSFW Language

I've seen this happen so severely once that the traffic on the freeway and the frontage road were both at a standstill. Then, the people that left the freeway to get on the frontage road tried to get back on the freeway. I'll admit that it can be efficient, but unless its an emergency, why not just wait like you're supposed to?

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