The Ride for Change officially kicked off in Lubbock and to say I'm incredibly appreciative of the warm welcome, and incredible support, would be an understatement.

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We started off at Wild West Harley-Davidson and was immediately greeted by old friends, that I haven't seen in forever, as well as devoted listeners that absolutely love Wes and FMX. Larry Hay has a beautiful dealership that I encourage all Harley riders to visit at some point.

We then moved on to Burger Fi for lunch. Holy cow, their burgers were legit. I had never eaten there before and was immediately greeted by their "CEO Burger". I think that burger is seared with the tears of angels, or something, because I devoured it immediately and couldn't stop craving another.

Speaking of, Burger Fi is donating a portion of each CEO Burger purchase to The Ride for Change, but you only have until the end of the month to take advantage of this delicious deal.

From there, we went down to Raider Flooring, where I was met by another FMX superstar, and great friend, Renee Raven. First off, if you're in the market for flooring, go check these guys out. I got to spy in on some conversations they had with clients and their prices are some of the best I've seen anywhere. We had quite a few FMX listeners roll in to see us and drop off some donations.

Then, we wrapped up the day at Mr. Brews Taphouse. First off, the weather was perfect for sitting outside, so that's exactly what we did and we loved it. Not to be outdone by our previous stops, Mr. Brews stepped up to the plate and offered to donate 25% of all beer sales to The Ride for Change. So, we drank...and ate. I had their mushroom and swiss and it was messy, but if you're burger ain't messy, is it really worth it? It was, definitely, belly approved. What truly drew me in, besides their generosity, was the fact that the majority of their craft beer was either local to Lubbock or Texas.

Today was a great day. I got to spend some time with some of my dearest friends on the planet as well as meet some incredibly loyal listeners to FMX in Lubbock.

Lubbock, I love you and can't wait to be all up in you again. I truly mean that. You are great humans and I appreciate your hospitality.

As of writing this article, we have raised $1,125 towards our $11,000 goal. I'd say that's one heck of a way to start off this year's ride. You all are the real rock stars. Thank you for your support.

Day 2 will be in Amarillo and will be stopping off at Shi Lee's BBQ and Soul Food Cafe for lunch, then Cadillac Ranch in the afternoon, while wrapping up the day at Braceros Mexican Bar and Grill.

Here are a few photos I took on Day 1 of The Ride for Change.

Day 1 of The Ride for Change

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