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The popular, ultra-cool Tune Up - The Manly Salon is getting set to open in Lubbock in November at 6823 82nd in The Shoppes at Trinity Trails.

Tune Up, which sets itself apart in many ways from other salon and barber shops, is possibly best known for serving beer with their haircuts. They have multiple locations in the Houston area, a couple spots in San Antonio, a few in Dallas, one in Waco, one up the road in Amarillo and more.

This is definitely set up to be more than a haircut; it's a destination and a fun experience. It's a salon for the guys that not only offers free beer with a screen to watch the game while you wait. Aside from cuts and trims, their services include a manicure and pedicure, a facial, a shoulder massage and eyebrow waxing.

A father-son outing works out just right here. They offer kids cuts and even a kid's VIP package.

Set up in digs that scream rugged manliness, this has to be the safest place for a guy to get a mani-pedi and facial. They must be doing it right, since there are so many of these manly salons around Texas. Maybe guys do love to drink beer and get all cleaned up around the edges.

You can follow this link to Tune Up's posh website for a peek at what all the wild popularity is about.

We're looking forward to Tune Up, The Manly Salon opening in Lubbock.

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