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Sometimes you'll be really hungry and looking for places to get food, but you just can’t decide what to get. What if you’re craving some orange chicken from Panda Express but also really want a burrito from Chipotle? Well, Panda Express has taken that into consideration and now offers a unique burrito.

They just take everything you would usually order on a plate and put it in a tortilla. You name it -- rice, chow mein, chicken or anything else, they'll take it all and wrap it up into a big burrito.

This option is a part of their Innovation Menu and started as just an Orange Chicken Wrap that featured pickled cucumbers, crispy wontons, and salad greens alongside their best-selling chicken. Although it started like that in 2017, it recently went viral on TikTok, reigniting the hype around it and showing how you can customize it with any of their sides and entrée choices.

While this is an amazing thing that should be offered at every Panda Express location, it unfortunately isn't. This special menu item is only offered at four of their locations in Southern California. So this is my plea for Panda Express to broaden their horizons and make this a menu item at all of their locations.

Of course, I doubt that will actually happen. So if you can’t live without trying the Panda Express burrito for yourself, you either have to make it at home or head to California to give it a try.

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