I guess I should feel ashamed for not having heard of the most popular type of hot dog in Texas, but honestly, I feel nothing.

The reason being is that in all of my damn near fifty years of living in the Lone Star State, I’ve never heard anyone make mention of a Texas Hot Dog. Never. Not once. I would think it was a brand of hot dog rather than a type.

But with that being said, the Texas Hot Dog is the most popular type of hot dog in Texas, according to Coventry Direct (it’s also the most popular type of hot dog in Pennsylvania).

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Of course, I had to do some googling to get to the bottom of this. And after doing a little digging, it appears that we don’t call it a Texas Hot Dog here. To us, it’s just a plain old chili dog.

But here’s where it gets weird. The chili dog is the favorite type of hot dog in three states – Delaware, Iowa, and West Virginia.

So, what gives, man?

After a search of “Texas hot dog versus chili dog”, I’m still pretty damn perplexed. It seems to me that they are the same thing. Yet, someone out there clearly believes there’s a difference. So, if you’re that someone, help me understand.

In the meantime, enjoy a little food porn.

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