Cancer and heart disease are easily the most common killers, but every state has its most "unique" way of dying.

Texas has the distinction of have more people dying of Tuberculosis than any other state. They don't give a specific reason why it's higher here in the report from CBS News.

However, the Texas Department of State Health Services says 51 percent of reported TB cases were among Hispanics, and most cases are in heavily populated areas. Almost 60 percent of the cases were "foreign born," meaning they came from another country.

Other states like Louisiana have the distinction of having the highest rate of syphilis, even though it was only 22 cases. The Midwest as a whole has more deaths from Influenza and other acute lower respiratory infections.

There's some other interesting causes of death like Arizona, which has the distinction of the highest rate of "discharge of firearms, undetermined intent" and Tennessee and Alabama with "Accidental discharge of firearms."

Check out the full map and see the rest of the country's most distinctive causes of death.

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