If you aren't native to Lubbock, Texas, you may just drive right by that little red and white restaurant on the corner of 34th and Salisbury without a second thought. But if you know, you know. Bangkok Thai Restaurant is one of the best local eateries in town.

It's been around forever and it's been consistently delicious for as long as anyone can remember. The tiny restaurant has different awards hung up on the walls inside, displaying proudly their excellent food and service over the years.

Every encounter I've ever had there has been good. The staff is friendly and they always treat you as if you are part of their family. The food is authentic and incredible. When you ask for something to be "Thai spicy," it is THAI SPICY. It almost makes me sweat a little thinking about it.

Bangkok Thai Restaurant via Facebook

When I lived away from Lubbock, I swear that I missed Pad Thai from Bangkok Thai Restaurant more than my friends and family. Sorry, guys. I couldn't video chat with food like I could with you. I tried. It just wasn't the same.

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This little family-owned joint made it through the pandemic that wiped out tons of local businesses that just couldn't stay afloat, and they continue to make what might be the best Thai food in town. They're definitely the best in my book.

If you're new to Lubbock or even someone who has lived here forever that's never been to Bangkok Thai Restaurant, you are 100 percent missing out. Find out for yourself by ordering some Pad Thai this weekend, and don't forget to support all the wonderful local restaurants that have been feeding us our entire lives.

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