The Cadillac Three's sophomore album, Brry Me in My Boots, features as its third track a song called "Drunk Like You." The group's lead singer, Jaren Johnston, co-wrote the tune with TC3 drummer Neil Mason and hit songwriter Jesse Frasure -- and below, he recalls to The Boot the day the trio penned the track.

We wrote it on the back of the bus. [Jesse is] a buddy of ours, and a really talented guy. He does more: He’s also a famous DJ, too … but he’s a buddy of ours. He came out, and we wrote this song, and it was just a club-banger version of this song. And so we threw it around town a little bit; we weren’t thinking about cutting it.

And then, one night, I started listening to it, and I started playing acoustic guitar, trying to pick out the chords, and I was like, "This is stupid. This is more Cadillac than half this record." So we scrapped a couple songs, took that one, went in and cut it.

It’s such a cool, dark way of giving a single, I think. It sticks out like a sore thumb in a cool way, I think, when you hear it on the radio, because it’s got that old phaser guitar thing, but it’s also got this modern hook. I think it’s pretty good.

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