The Cadillac Three are having a rough few days. While on the road this week for Kip Moore's Wild Ones Tour in Canada, the group's trailer broke in half and went into oncoming traffic on the interstate.

Frontman Jaren Johnston and bandmate Kelby Ray posted photos on their Instagram accounts letting fans know that they are okay. Miraculously, there were no injuries.

"We were extremely lucky today," Johnston writes alongside a photo of their missing trailer. "Everybody is ok. Our new custom trailer basically broke in half and went into traffic on the interstate. Thanks to the Canadian peace officers and DOT crew for their quick response. We will be using limited TC3 gear for the rest of the @kipmooremusic tour but I promise we will bring the heat."

Later, Johnston uploaded another photo showcasing his amazement that all the gear inside the trailer remained intact despite falling into oncoming traffic.

"Well... That was an experience. Jeez. Our trailer did a full 360 hopped a median and spent a second in oncoming traffic," Johnston writes. "Nothin really moved on the inside. My boys can pack a trailer like no other." As a precaution, the guys in the Cadillac Three took three guitars out of the trailer to keep inside their tour bus where the likelihood of them flying down the interstate is rare.

Thankful that no one was hurt and their gear is fine, the Cadillac Three will continue their tour with Moore as planned.

"Like my dad always says, 'Sometimes in this business you run into problems, and it's always when you don't want em.' We're fine. Gear's fine. Nobody got hurt. On to the next town," Ray concedes.

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