This past Saturday, our finalists of the Incredible hunting package from 99.5 the Bear and KQBR.COM gathered at Fred's Gun Emporium for the final drawing of this three part prize. There was a quiet sort of nervous tension going on with the 9 finalists as we all waited for the 5 o'clock mark to finally arrive. There was a good reason to be a tad bit nervous because this hunting package is worth around $4,500.00 dollars total.
Included is a 3 day elk hunt with guide included at the Lost and Found Ranch in Palo Duro Canyon, A Thomas Venture 300 caliber high powered rifle from Fred's Gun Emporium, and a Remington 870 shotgun from Swat's Loans. Congratulations to Jeff Rumsey, winner of this entire Hunting package on KQBR.COM. Each finalist walked away with gift certificates from Cujo's, and the RIb Crib.