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The Auld Brewing Company's Lubbock construction was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now an opening is in sight. They look forward to opening their Lubbock taphouse at 515 Broadway in August.

Auld Brewing Company serves up flagship original tap beers at their current location in Borger, and promises us six original brews. We had the opportunity to catch up with owners Raymond and Andrea Auld to find out about their new Lubbock location.

You may have been to their Borger location, or you may be circling around their Facebook page wondering when you would see some news about their opening like we have, or this may be the first time you're discovering Auld Brewing Company. We're really glad to have this news for you.

It's been very difficult to see so many things delayed this spring. But Auld Brewing Company was very upbeat and positive about their mission. Construction will be underway as early as June.

With construction on track, we can look forward to kicking back with some delicious brew and an experience very similar to their current Borger location.

"We are big fans of Lubbock and the art district," Raymond Auld told us, "we can't wait to be open...we're excited for football season."

He described the great ambiance they created in Borger, and said they would have the same open floor plan here in Lubbock, as well as screens to watch the games. They're building a team that keeps it positive and fun while serving up recipes inspired by a tremendous brewing passion.

Auld became inspired about crafting special recipes for his brews while learning the art of the industry in California. Now he's excited about sharing recipe beers crafted and honed, with feedback through the years from their many family and friends.

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind beer because these are one-of-a-kind recipes only served up at Auld Brewing Company.

I have a feeling once we've tasted an Auld brew we will understand the difference they bring to tap beer. The taproom is an original experience, especially at Auld Brewing Company.

The Aulds love their taphouse mission and look forward to building their Lubbock taphouse and expanding to canning and distribution here in Lubbock as well.

You can visit their website for more info about their story and special flagship beers.

Congratulations to Auld Brewing Company on their upcoming Lubbock location. We look forward to seeing them soon. Welcome to Lubbock!

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