You would think there are already plenty of things women have to be worried about when it comes to feeling safe. We carry pepper spray, whistles, alarms, anything that we thing might help us in a fight or flight situation.

A TikTok from a Texas native brings up even more concerns and things to watch out for in regards to staying safe as a woman.

Texas artist Sheridan Ellis posted a video on her TikTok last week that now has over 1.1 million views. In the video, Ellis talks about how she went out to dinner with friends and on her way home she discovered a Tile tracking device in her purse.

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Ellis said that the device did not belong to her and she doesn’t know how it got there. She fortunately found the device and removed the battery prior to getting home. It is apparent that someone slipped the tracker into her bag when she wasn’t looking, and it is a blessing that she discovered it when she did.

You could argue that it got in her purse by accident or that it may have belonged to one of her friends. However, the fact that it's possible someone planted it there purposefully is frightening.

As women, we should not have to live in fear of going grocery shopping at night, walking to our car alone, leaving our drinks unattended at a bar or simply saying no to unwanted advances. We should not have to live in fear of being tracked down by someone who places a device in our belongings.

I'm appalled and shaken by all of the videos I see about the things women do every day just to feel safe. I also want to say thank you to Sheridan Ellis for posting this video so more people can be mindful and look out for things like this happening to them.

Stay mindful. Stay strong. And most importantly, stay safe.

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