She had been married to her husband for 44 years when she found out the San Domingo Cemetery in Normanna, Texas does not accept black and Hispanics.

Fox News Latino reports that Donna Barrera wanted to bury her husband Pedro in San Domingo, but the owner Jimmy Bradford refused.

So what's his reasoning?  Bradford's great, great grandfather owns the land and asked that it be used for the people of Normanna, who must have all been white at the time because Jimmy Bradford won't budge on the matter. He told reporters:

"Well, I guess if she tells Obama and he comes down here and tells me I guess I'd have to. Otherwise, No."

It's unclear from this report if Bradford is just making up the rules or if this was passed on from his relatives. Regardless, it is illegal to enforce a "whites only" cemetery due to the 1948 Supreme Court Case, Shelley v. Kraemer.

Now the League Of United Latin American Citizens has gotten involved and intends to refer the issue to the U.S. Department Of Justice.