Looks like the latest internet challenge has gotten a Texas teen in some hot water.

Let's be honest, most internet challenges are stupid, probably close to 90% of them. The real stupid ones are the ones where you can harm other people. Remember the Blue Bell ice cream challenge? Where people were licking Blue Bell containers and then putting them back on the shelf.

This one is similar to that, but during the coronavirus it's much worse. People are apparently going around to a store and intentionally coughing on items. One of those people was a fourteen-year-old in the Houston area. The teen went to a store called Food City and coughed on the produce section of the store. Employees were able to prevent the teen from leaving so police could charge them with tampering with a consumer product.

Don't do these internet challenges that could help spread this virus. We all want some normalcy in our lives and stuff like this doesn't help. Who know, you could end up like the one guy that did a coronavirus challenge and ended up getting the coronavirus. I call it karma, you can call it what you want.


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