We're going bowling!

Over the weekend, Red Raider football fans began making airline reservations for Memphis, Tennessee after hearing that Texas Tech would be playing in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl against Mississippi State.

This news conjured up all kinds of memories for this reporter, as I called Memphis home from 2005-2011. After a conversation with a co-worker who's planning on making the trip, I had to make several recommendations about where to stay and whether or not you feel comfortable wearing Kevlar. Yep, it's like that.

Memphis is kind of spread out, and in-between tourist traps, there are a lot of really bad areas. Trust me. I lived in a nice area and had 2x4's across my front door for over a year after someone kicked it in. It's the kind of city where in some parts of town, Lubbock's own Avenue Q would be considered "high rent."

In a nutshell, Memphis is a touristy s***hole.

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For example, when Elvis Presley bought Graceland in 1958, he never would have imagined that he'd be down the street from a dozen check-cashing outlets, chicken shacks and methadone clinics. Although he'd probably appreciate having a methadone clinic within walking distance. Elvis Presley Boulevard is unsafe. Period.

Wanna drink on Beale Street? Great, just don't expect to park close. And when you go to your car, you may be missing your catalytic converter. That's unless you pay for a pricey city garage space, and even then, be careful at night and watch your wallet.

With that said, we share some insight on the Good and Bad of The Bluff City.

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