Ever wanted to own a rhino? Good news now you can!

^Remember that stupid movie that came out a couple of years ago called 'We Bought a Zoo'. If you thought to yourself, I would love to do that one day. Here is your opportunity. Over in Franklin, Texas The Franklin Drive Thru Safari has been operating for ten years. Guests have been enjoying the exoctic animals such as giraffes, zebras, and rhinos.

The property also features a reptile house and a bird house as well. The property consists of more than 240 acres with a 5,000+ square-foot main home built in 2020, a 3,200+ square-foot guest house, and seven cabins that can be rented out. There are also several homes on the property for employees and a foreman. In total, over 100 species of animals are on the property and they will be included in the sale.

The owners are willing to piece out the property in the sale. So if you just wanted the main house or the zoo part, they're willing to make a deal with you. Come on, you know you wouldn't want to not own the safari part. The safari currently operates where guests can pay a fee and just drive thru or they can get a private tour on a tram.

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As of right now, the safari will remain open until further notice. So if you're in the Franklin, Texas area and wanted to go see some animals. Stop on by. I have no idea what the asking price is because that is not featured on the site. I would guess eight figures at least? What is the going price on a family of rhinos nowadays. You can check out more photos of the property below.

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The Franklin Safari is looking for new owners.

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