The best states to make a living in the nation have been researched and ranked accordingly and although we were sitting in the number one spot last year, there are still plenty of good reasons why we have held a solid position at number 5 in this year's ranking.

With our cost of living low compared to the national average and no state income tax to contend with we have a great deal in our favor here in the great state of Texas!

We also have a stronger job market than other places in the country. An interesting fact to note as well, we have fewer work related injuries, the second-lowest. We also have fewer ilnesses. Incidents in the workplace per 100 workers is only 2.6.

We already knew this was a great place to live and work but it sure is nice to see us shine in this ranking!

This is the way the Top 10 ranked:

1. Wyoming
2. Washington
3. Virginia
4. North Dakota
5. Texas
6. Ohio
7. Michigan
8. Colorado
9. Illinois
10. Minnesota

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