Come on man, can't you see everything?

I'm gonna let my opinion be known on this now. I think psychics are a scam. My ex went and saw one back in the day. That psychic told her we would be married one day. No way in hell was I planning on marrying that girl. Also back in the day, a prom I went to had a psychic at it. I'm not sure why they were there, I think it had something to do with the theme.

Anyways, they told me and that girl that we had a beautiful marriage in front of us. Nope, she just needed a date so I went with her. No interest in dating her whatsoever. Not so sure why psychics think I am marrying every girl on the planet, but here we're. It doesn't take a psychic to know what is happening the Houston area right now.

Tropical storm Beta has dumped a lot of rain on that area and is causing very severe flooding. I have seen waist high water in some part of Houston right now. It looks like someone didn't see it coming. That would be someone known as the Psychic on Southwest Freeway.

They have a one star rating on Yelp. Granted, they only have one review and that person is pissed.

If I could NEGATIVE stars I would;
This woman is a phony!
Her name is Shane

Took more than enough money in from my pocket;
Her readings are generic, dishonest, and just a full on scam.
She's also very aggressive when it comes to conversation  in general.

I've spent an embarrassingly amount of money to rid of a "curse" that she claimed had be casted upon me and as many times I have been instructed to come back, her interpretations change each time.
I was in honest need of help and she ROBBED me of so much $$$.
She uses God and religion to reel people in and tbh, I'm really in doubt with any psychic now I've come across this place.
Served me right though for believing that God would ever ask money from me in exchange for a Gucci purse??


Made me drive her to places to "complete" the removal of "curses" that she claimed I had, for a Gucci purse.
From MY money.

I will keep posting this review if it gets removed.

May God be the judge but not I.


Wow another psychic is a scam you say? Shocking.

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