Thanks to panic buyers, we have now have limits on some of the items at the grocery stores. This guy was not too happy about that.

If you have been into a grocery store recently, you have probably noticed some items have a notice on them. For instance toilet paper, some cleaning items, and meat you're only allowed to purchase two at a time. This is too limit one person from buying the whole store's supply of that item and we have seen videos of people doing this throughout the country.

Over in Leander, Texas, a man was upset with this policy when he went to go check out in the store. The cashier at the HEB told him that he was only allowed a certain amount of steaks. This guy was not too happy about this, so he did the only reasonable thing. Grabbed his steaks, a bag of lettuce and threw them at the cashier. He then left the store and police were looking for him over the weekend.

Good news is he has been identified in town. Folks, I know things are different right now, but don't take it out on the workers. They're not the ones making these policies, if anything be mad at the people you see bragging about getting all of (blank item) in town. Yes, I have seen people in Wichita Falls doing this. Stop hoarding all the supplies for yourself. Get what you need to get and go home.

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