If you plan to head outdoors for some huntin' and fishin' in our big, beautiful state, make sure you renew your licenses.

New season hunting and fishing licenses from Texas Parks & Wildlife went on sale today (Thursday, August 15).

You can buy individual hunting or fishing licenses, or get a super combo pack that covers both anglers and hunters and includes five state endorsements at a discount rate. There are options for seniors, active duty and retired military, and disabled veterans as well.

There's also a lifetime license worth checking out.

If you'd rather buy in person, Temple Parks & Wildlife's website has a search feature that'll show you who's selling in your area and where to find them.

100% of hunting and fishing license fees fund Texas Parks & Wildlife conservation efforts. That means you're not only investing in outdoor fun and family memories, but in the protection of Texas' natural resources.

Don't get caught hunting or fishing without that license. Not only could you face steep fines or even jail time (depending on what you're doing), but our friends Rick Smith, Billy Conway, and Fred Churchill might end up telling your story as a cautionary tale in an episode of 'On the Dock'.


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