Do as I say, not as I do. Heard that all the time as a kid and it looks like CPS Energy should follow their own policy if they want their customers to do so.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, ERCOT urged Texans to set their thermostats higher? They have been asking Texans to conserve power by turning their thermostats up two or three degrees and not running your washer or pool pump during the day to save power. ERCOT said 78 degrees is where you should be setting your thermostat and Texans collectively rolled their eyes.

I have lived like that, it sucks. Granted, I was trying to save money in college and that's why I had it set like that. Currently rocking a 76 in my house and some of you think I'm crazy. Apparently over in San Antonio, CPS Energy has been calling their customers to urge them to adjust their thermostats.

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News 4 SA has been getting a lot of people asking about these calls so they decided to go straight to the source. CPS Energy headquarters in San Antonio. They decided to see if CPS Energy is rocking 78 degrees in their building. In not shocking news, they're not.

News 4 SA says they were getting readings of 72 degrees in the building. When asked about this to CPS Energy they said, “There's a difference between a residential building and a commercial building. We set our thermostats at 76, and it achieves a temperature anywhere between about 72 and 78 or 79 during the afternoon hours of two to seven."

Damn, you set it at 76 and your temperature fluctuates around five degrees in either direction? May want to call someone out there and get that checked out. News 4 SA asked to see that the thermostat was actually set at 76. Guess what, they wouldn't show them. SHOCKING!

They said 76 in a commercial building is comparable to 78 in a residential house. I mean if your 76 is getting down to 72, it sure is. If they would have just shown what they had it set at, I probably wouldn't have written this story. It's so funny to me all these people are asking US to conserve power when they don't change anything.

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