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The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is revoking the personalized license plate issued to a Houston man because it has been deemed offensive.

The license plate 370H55V seems harmless enough until you turn it upside down. And even then it's a stretch.

Safeer Hassan has had that license plate on his Lamborghini for the past three years, according to the report from Channel 2 in Houston. Hassan has never had a problem and even his closest friends don't know what it means.

But now, the Texas DMV is revoking the plate in 30 days without a refund. The DMV says a license plate must not "invoke a response from other drivers," which Hassan's apparently does.

By now you probably havn't figured out what the license plate says, have you. Do you honestly think anyone driving past his car would see it?

Hassan thinks the DMV is overstepping their boundaries and may appeal the decision. Personally, I think it's a pencil-pushing geek who finally figured out they have been duped and decided to be a real 370H55V.