A Dallas couple have their biological baby back after an apparent mix-up at a hospital in El Salvador.

WFAA and several other outlets report that Rich Cushworth and his wife Mercy Casanalles left the hospital with concerns. They say the baby just didn't look like them.

Casanalles gave birth in her native land of El Salvador, and pictures show her holding a light-skinned baby they called Jacob shortly after birth. But when they were ready to leave, the baby with them was suspiciously darker.

The hospital apparently told her that "babies change color."

Later, DNA tests proved their theory that it was NOT their baby. They reported it to the authorities and feared their baby may have been a victim of human trafficking.

El Salvador's Attorney General said Monday night that the baby had been found and would be reunited with his family. The parents said they love the other baby Jacob and hope that they can keep him, too, but officials were working to reunite both families with their baby.

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