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It's not cheap to travel these days. Even if you are a Texas House Democrat fleeing the special session of the Texas Legislature. I have had many listeners ask how much the Democrats are spending on their D.C. Adventure and who is paying for it. Eventually, we will know everything for sure, but on Wednesday we did get a brief answer about the cost of this.

The Texas House Democrats made national news on Monday when they left for Washington, D.C. which led to a quorum break on Tuesday morning. More than 50 Democrats made their way via private jet to Washington.

According to a report from the Texas Tribune, about 12 paid staffers also made the trip to Washington. So, more than 50 lawmakers and 12 staffers plus two private jets. That's not cheap and the Texas Tribune has found a few sources of who is paying the costs.

The House Democratic caucus paid for the two private jets that flew members to Washington, D.C., on Monday, according to the caucus’ executive director, Phillip Martin, who did not provide a price tag for the flights. Otherwise, the caucus has so far split costs like meals, lodging and other transportation with the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, as well as the campaign accounts of Reps. Chris Turner of Grand Prairie and Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio. Turner chairs the Democratic caucus.

Lawmakers are staying at the Washington Plaza Hotel where the cheapest room with a queen size bed is $189.00 per night. Take all the expenses and according to the Texas Tribune, Democrats are spending a total of $10,000 a day for hotels and meals.

$10,000 per day. Oh and by the way, the lawmakers are still getting their $221 per day per diem. And they are willing to sit in D.C. for a total of 25 days. Do the math. Democrats are spending all of this money running away from a debate they will eventually lose.

What a waste.

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