Buddy Holly Center

Buddy Holly Center Offering Spring Break Staycation Activities
With Spring Break coming up for area school districts and the coronavirus pandemic still going on, many parents are looking for different activities for kids to do since they won't be in school or learning online.
Of course, there are places you can go but many people are still worried about cro…
The Buddy Holly Center Presents a Unique Workshop
The Buddy Holly Center will be holding a workshop devoted to Cyanotype. This is considered to be an early form of photographic work. The process has also been used to duplicate drawings and blueprints.
From The Buddy Holly Center:
“Instructor, Naomi Hill will introduce participants to aspects that ar…
Another Great Concert Coming up at The Buddy Holly Center
The Buddy Holly Center will be continuing their Summer Showcase Concert series this upcoming Thursday, May 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.
This Thursday, the featured band is local favorite Element. They will be playing old school hits that everyone can enjoy...
JDL Tonight!
The Buddy Holly Center is in the middle of their annual Summer Showcase Concert Series - and tonight it's The Jenni Dale Lord Band!