Is the future of West Texas tied to hemp production?

Susan Hays is running for Texas Agricultural Commissioner in the Democrat primary with her ultimate goal of taking on the incumbent, Commissioner Sid Miller, over what she called a "dysfunctional Ag Department". Hays believes she can be a Democrat that can appeal to voters outside the Democrat party in Texas.

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Hays appeared recently on The Chad Hasty Show to discuss her campaign and hemp production in Texas.

Hays helped craft the legislation in 2019 that lead to hemp products with less than 0.3%. Hays applauded Texas State Senator Charles Perry for writing a bill that regulated hemp well in Texas.

I will say something good about someone from the opposite party. Senator Charles Perry did a great job crafting and getting that bill through, I learned really after the fact that Texas has the best regulatory framework for monitoring hemp products in the country.

Hays believes that it will take years for hemp production to build up but that Lubbock area is on the forefront of hemp production.

Hays was asked about running as a Democrat in Texas. A state that hasn't elected a Republican for statewide office in a very long time. Hays said she disagreed with Beto O'Rourke on wanting Texans to give up their AR-15's. She told the audience that her job would be to talk to voters and listen to them and let farmers know that the government would be here to help them.

In part by getting out there and talking to them, which frankly the Democratic Party has done a terrible job doing since the 90's. I grew up in the 80's in west-central Texas in Brownwood, and with family looking to the West. Both my brothers attended Texas Tech and I understand the ground. And at the time, everybody was Democratic. People who are older remember that. To me there was a real ethos that the government was there to help farmers, they may not do it perfect every time, but you damn well get the government you deserve by who you vote for.

Hays also discussed medical and recreational marijuana. Hays believes that the legalization is evitable in the United States. Hays said Texas' challenge is how to regulate it and if the state doesn't do a good job, then it could lead to a "hot mess" in the future.

Listen to the full interview with Susan Hays above.

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