It seems as though the big electronics store is a thing of the past, for the most part in cities the size of Lubbock. There are a few stores that are open and specialize in the more high end products. Then there are the stores like Best Buy that sells a little of everything electronic from washing machines and big screens to smartphones and software. Same size stores have gone from grand opening to closing sales just in the last 2 years here in Lubbock, and it looks like some Best Buy locations will be shutting down soon too. Best Buy announced on March 29th that 50 of its U.S. stores will be shutting down. Stores in Austin and San Antonio will be affected by the shut downs. I can remember Radio Shack being one of the coolest places to go shop. Then there was Best Products which wasn't totally an electronics store, but had enough to check out on a regular basis. What is an electronics store that you can remember shopping or buying from here in Lubbock?