As the weather gets warmer everyone thinks about staying hydrated. I accidentally came up with an easy solution to just plain water that is also lo-cal, kind of fun and a little bit like tea!

Growing up we had homemade iced tea every night with dinner. Mom boiled tea and Dad set up a pitcher with lots of ice cubes (which involved labor intensive ice cube trays of course) and fresh lemon and real sugar. We loved our iced tea!

Making tea gets a little simpler with Sun Tea in a giant jug, but this also involves a time investment.

Both of these are great and I still love my iced tea but since I'm generally not up for a labor intensive beverage task or one that involves waiting, and I'm trying to drink more water...

It happened one day when I was feeling a little disenchanted looking at my glass of plain old water... I decided to see just how much flavor could be infused if I just put a flovorful tea bag into my ice water! Then I really got creative and sprinkled in some of my favorite no-cal sweetener Stevia. Low and behold it was better than water, it added a little something and was super easy and quick.

Of course it's always nice to add slices of fresh citrus and fruit to your water but not always easy to have all that on hand!

Next, since I'm making single glass servings I just add water to the tea bag as needed and can save it in the fridge with a lid. Is it water or is it tea? I use fruity tea without caffeine so I still count it as water!

Stay hydrated this spring and summer and if you have any recipes, please send me your refreshing water ideas at!


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