I have a theory that if you start your resolution early you beat the odds and have a better chance for success.

Since, according to statistics 80% of our resolutions fail by February maybe a new success strategy will help. I've been thinking about- a non-resolution, resolution.

It's natural at the end of a year to remember where you were the previous year and think about how you want the new year to be different, The top resolutions according to my Google search  are to eat better, exercise more and spend less.

If you're like me you've probably started off on, whatever your resolution is, before. But a resolution does not have to be all or nothing.

I came across a good example that has stuck with me. How many times does a toddler try to walk? As many times as it takes. If you have tried and failed before try on a different perspective and dust yourself off and go again.

If you have a mentor, someone who is, for example, in excellent shape who inspires you to get fit, remember they had to start somewhere too and everyday is a chance to decide... differently.

If it's tough getting started, it also helps to remember that the more you get in the habit of doing things a new way the easier it becomes.

The strategy that is helping me to get an early start on my non-resolution for fitness, is realizing my priorities, and deciding to make fitness a top priority and additionally deciding to be 'that person'... that person who goes for it, because at the end of the day no one else can do it for you.

So back to starting early on your resolution, if you get your resolution going early and shift your identity to identify with how you want to be, I think this helps get your objective chunked down to size.

How about challenging yourself to take this new perspective. Why wait when you can just decide? Take it one day at a time and remember the toddler analogy, be 'that person' between your ears and the rest will follow!

Well that's my burst of motivation. I wish us all the best with this and am sure I'll be back on this page re-reading and reminding myself how to keep going! One foot in front of the other....

Happy New Day!



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