Spring cleaning just got pretty serious at my place! The question is, do you keep all the random appliances and doo-hickey gadgets that have accumulated?

You know the ones...you buy them because you need them for something and then you never use them again! But there's that one elusive day in the never-to-be-seen future when you might need it again, so you keep it. Sound about right?

Just how frustrated you are with your accumulated stuff, is what determines the level of vengeance you will take when mercilessly letting go of ...these random things! Good gracious, I just had to ask myself for the absolute truth.

It's not easy to admit sometimes that the potato masher mallet thing just does not get used, but an even tougher question is the blender! I went on a smoothie making mission at one point and had my fridge stocked with the fresh ingredients. That was months ago!

Probably the biggest problem is I'm never home when I want a smoothie, and if I am and haven't planned for it then the ingredients aren't in the fridge. Long story short I end up buying a smoothie when I want one and my blender hasn't been used in ages. So now after a serious sit down with myself, several bags, including the blender have been donated and given to someone who will put them to use and that feels good! Phew!

I highly recommend getting busy with some of these tough questions. Just think about said item going to someone who will truly appreciate it and all the space you're making for things that you truly want, including how great less clutter can feel- there's a bonus too! I'm not a minimalist yet, but could be getting there! Be kind, forgive yourself, then be merciless and get gusto! Good luck!


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