If you are suddenly on-set by sneezing and a runny nose and are blaming allergies, think about this, it may be something else completely!

An on-set of cold symptoms may not be what you think. My daughter's recent reaction to our dog Bella had us wondering if she was developing an allergy to her. We did a little research on this and found out just how hard It can be to pin down the cause for an onset of allergy symptoms. It's best not to jump to too many conclusions!

Try giving your dog a good bath and see if things change. Your pet could just be dragging in pollen from the great outdoors in their fur.

If you have an indoor-outdoor cat this can be even tougher to contend with, but remember the answer may not be what it seems!

Take care of yourself and work at finding a solution that will help you enjoy the great outdoors and your pets!



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