From the UK, where rock is her style, Amber Jacobs is hoping to go down in the record books as the World's Youngest Disc Jockey! She is impressive, but she had a little inspiration from her loving father.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find ANY audio of this young diva of radio, but she sure is NOT camera shy, that's for sure!

Meet Amber Jacobs. She is a sassy six year old with an act for radio! (My kind of gal!) No, sadly her scene isn't country music, but Blake is ALWAYS willing and ready to highlight spectacular kids like Amber!


She will go down in the books as the World's Youngest DJ on Sunday, October 28th as she HOSTS, not just guest stars, but HOSTS her very own radio show on-air called 'The Sunday Morning Service" with her dad, Steve Jacobs, who is also a DJ with her for TBFM Online.

After introducing bands at a bike rally, one of the lead singers had this to say about her:

I can’t believe little AJ is a DJ on her own show, she got up on stage in front of thousands and introduced me and the band so clearly and precisely, it was an honour”. -Clive Jackson (the Doctor from Dr and the Medics) said after the event

Even though it's not Country, you can tune-in to history in the making on Sunday, October 28th!

Congratulations going out to Amber! Folks in Lubbock, Texas are excited for you!