It's come to my attention that the shortage of everything has finally hit Lubbock-area Starbucks and Whataburger locations. I can't believe it. Just this week, they both were turning customers away because of a problem getting stuff in. But it looks like that's changed.

It all started when I got on my Starbucks app to discover that there are only a couple locations in Lubbock where you can mobile order. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Then, one of my friends said they had to go to multiple Starbucks stores just to be able to get coffee, and all they had were Venti cups. That's something I've never seen or heard of before.

Meanwhile, at Whataburger, local stores were out of cups, lids, chicken bites, and more. Crazy, right? Customers were actually getting out of line because they couldn't get the order they wanted.

I had to do some digging to find out which locations were affected and what the heck was going on in Lubbock right now. I called Wednesday morning, January 12th, and it looks like everything has changed. It's a new day, guys!

All the trucks must have been delayed together, because they apparently came in last night or this morning for many stores. Some stores are still out of one or two things, but it's not as big an issue as it was before.

Here's the deal: let's not all go crazy and buy everything up like toilet paper because we're going to have a problem again. It all comes on trucks, and trucks can only hold so much.

How long will these supply chain issues last? Only time will tell. Hopefully next week the trucks will be early or well stocked to keep us full of Whataburger, Starbucks and more. For now, we're getting things back on track for a bright 2022.

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The items are available year round, but make sure you're grabbing breakfast items and lunch items during those respective times.

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