Empty store shelves are becoming pretty common in Lubbock, along with the rest of the country and right now. Even ramen is hard to find in some places.

My mom was pretty bummed when she noticed there were barely any left on the shelves during her last trip to the Lubbock grocery store.

Cartha Covington
Cartha Covington

My teenage sisters basically inhale that stuff, and it looks like they're going to have to find a new after-school snack.

According to a Maruchan, the most popular distributor of those delicious noods, there was an unusually high spike in demand and many stores may be out of stock. However, the company did report that it's working closely with grocery stores to get as many noodles on the shelves as they can. Looks like we all just have to be patient, which isn't exactly Lubbock's forte.

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Lucky for my sisters, I've hoarded ramen in my pantry and I just happen to be on a low-carb diet. Those noodles stare at me every time I'm in the kitchen looking for a snack, and I'm more than happy to part with mine for the greater good of the countless pairs of pants in my closet that practically beg for mercy every time I try to button them.

So if you have a ton of Ramen stored away, you can feel a bit Ramen rich today. Be sure to share it with your buddies that can't live without it. It could be a while before it's as widely available as normal.

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