I recently came across the website Neighborhood Scout, where you can search for different states, cities and zip codes and get different information on those areas. I decided to take a look on what information they had about Lubbock.

You can take a look at different categories and how they have the neighborhoods in Lubbock ranked. They sort them based on a few different things including the most expensive neighborhoods, the best schools by neighborhood, as well as the safest neighborhoods. You can also find the stats for the cities crime rates as a whole.

I was curious how they were determining the 'safeness' of each neighborhood, so I dove a bit deeper. It turns out they determined how safe the neighborhoods are based on the number of violent crimes and property crimes in each area. Unfortunately, you need a subscription to view the specifics for each neighborhood, so I cant give you those numbers here.

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I delved into the section about the safest neighborhoods and found some interesting things. The top 10 safest neighborhoods are all located outside of Loop 289. They're also neighborhoods in the southern and western portions of the city. This makes sense because most of them are larger areas that have a less dense population than the more central regions of Lubbock. Many of these areas consist of a lot of farm land and are currently experiencing a lot of development.

It's interesting to see statistics like this for the city you call home. Here are the top 10 safest neighborhoods in Lubbock:

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