With the release of their new album, Annie Up, folks have become very worried and confused by the cancellation of all of their upcoming tour date. Wanna know why...?

So do we.

THANKFULLY THOUGH! We can all begin resting easier that the girls are NOT breaking up and ARE still friends.

In a recent interview on Sirius XM Channel: The Highway, Ashley Monroe told interviewers not to worry about a break up.

Music Row reports the same good news, though, about the band NOT breaking up.

A recent statement given by their promoter to media explains,

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pistol Annies are unable to appear on any dates in June but Miranda Lambert will perform instead.”

We're not complaining about more Miranda, but we're sure looking forward to hearing news that their gonna be back on tour, soon! Blake and I are okay with at least this bit of good news!