Ronnie Dunn’s new single “Damn Drunk” isn’t quite the song the title teases. Step back if you’re hoping for a boozy country rocker delivered by one of country music’s smoothest growls. This is Dunn at his most adoring.

It’s a love song, with the “If you were whiskey girl, I’d be a damn drunk” lyric tying the bar-inspired title to his message of devotion. Liz Hengber, Alex Kline and Ben Stennis wrote this song about how far a man would go to keep up with the love of his life. Dunn’s gypsy soul drives "Damn Drunk" — it’s easy to believe he would drop everything to chase the kind of love dreams are made of.

Kix Brooks joins Dunn on this song, making it their first recording together since Cowboy Town was released in 2007. The two harmonize like they always have, leaving little room to distinguish this from a Brooks & Dunn track, other than it’s on Dunn’s upcoming solo album instead of a true comeback album from both of them. The pairing is truly timeless, with “Damn Drunk” serving as evidence that should they want to “go there” once again (it seems inevitable, doesn't it?), they’d fit in as well as they did 10 and 20 years ago.

Did You Know?: When he's not singing, Ronnie Dunn enjoys photography.

Listen to Ronnie Dunn (Feat. Kix Brooks), "Damn Drunk" 

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Ronnie Dunn (Feat. Kix Brooks), "Damn Drunk" Lyrics:

“Whoa I, I just wanna ease your mind / Put your doubts to bed tonight / Lay down and let me tell you / You’re, you’re the kind of once in our lives / That lock it down don’t come around twice / I guess what I’m sayin’ / This heart of mine ain’t playin’.”

“If you were this guitar I'd turn it to eleven / If you were an angel I’d pray to go to heaven / If they wouldn’t let me in, I’d break the gates down / I’d break ‘em all down / If you were on the other side of the world / I’d spin that thing right back around just to get to you girl / I love the way you always go and mess me up / If you were whiskey girl, I’d be a damn drunk.”

“Oh hey, go on and roll those pretty blue eyes / Laugh and say boy you lie / Girl I wouldn’t dare, dare to make you love me more / I can take that on for sure 'cause what we got is crazy crazy good.”

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