If you've been in or around Lubbock for a while, you know about the Robert Bruno Steel House.

In fact, if you watch shows on channels like HGTV, you've probably seen it too, as it's been featured nationally. The home is a steel house located in Ransom Canyon. It's equal parts UFO and pig in its design, and it's 100 percent fascinating.

The steel house is a labor of love for the late Robert Bruno, who built and updated the house from 1974 until his death in 2008. The steel house overlooks Lake Ransom Canyon and is handcrafted from 150 tons of steel, each piece welded by Bruno. The interior is mostly natural wood with stained glass adorning most of the windows. There's around 2,200 feet of space inside.

Some say the Bruno masterpiece is unfinished, but to me, that just adds to the mystique and beauty of the atmosphere. The good news is that folks will soon be able to take in the atmosphere of the Robert Bruno Steel House, as the new owners of the property, Blake and Courtney Bartosh, are renovating it and plan to make it available as a VRBO destination.

Are you looking for a staycation and you're from Lubbock? The Bruno House.

Are you coming in from out of town for a Texas Tech game and want to stay for the rest of the weekend? Bruno House.

Need a quick anniversary weekend and you're from Levelland? The Bruno House is practically an exotic location. Check out photos we took of the property back in 2015 during a guided tour.

Take a Stroll Through the Iconic Robert Bruno Steel House

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