A film crew in Houston, Texas was robbed while shooting a PSA for Houston pride right in front the city's famous "We Love Houston" sign.

Four members of the Houston-based Cut to Create Production Company were robbed in front of the David Adicke's iconic sign located off of Interstate 10. The suspect reportedly walked up to the crew with a gun. He made off with a GoPro, plus two Canon 5D cameras and their tripods.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the robbery. The suspect drove off and is still at large.

Even with our increased violence lately in the West Texas areas and more specifically in Lubbock, I'm still glad to live here.

Big city crime is alive and well, along with massive traffic congestion and accidents. I catch myself getting impatient around 5 p.m. weekday afternoons around the Marsha Sharp Freeway flyover and Texas Tech. Then, I visit the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or the Houston area and quickly realize how spoiled I am.

I will take the smell of the cow lots, the occasional dust storm and prairie dogs over that stuff any day.

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