Mother's Day is fast approaching, and while I have many female friends who delight in the holiday because they are moms or they have great moms, others dread Mother's Day for one reason or the other.

The following are situations I have encountered either in my life or my girlfriends have. So, while I hope all moms have a great Mother's Day, I'm also asking for a little sensitivity to lots of us gals who don't have much reason to celebrate.

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    Some Women Aren't Able to Have Children

    Despite fertility drugs and sometimes years or trying, some women are not able to conceive. So be sensitive, as Mother's Day may be more of a kick in the face to them than a day to celebrate.

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    Many Women Have Lost Their Moms/Don't Have Kids

    This is kind of a double whammy for a woman. I can relate. My mom died when I was a senior in high school and I don't have children, so Mother's Day can be a hard day.

  • 3

    Some of Us Just Don't Have Great Moms

    Mother's Day for many is an emotionally difficult time due to the fact that they have a mom who has abandoned them, abused them or is subject to drug or alcohol addiction. All of these are hard situations, and sadly, very real in our world.

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    Some Moms Don't Have Great Kids

    I know a lot of moms who have children that are pretty hard cases. They have refused to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. A lot of these kids use their moms for money, free housing, etc. and otherwise take advantage of their mom. So Mother's Day usually isn't very happy for moms who have strained relationships with their children.

  • 5

    Some Moms Have Lost Children

    I can't imagine how excruciating it is for a mother who has lost a child to face Mother's Day each year, knowing that their child is gone and will never draw another picture, give them a hug or give them the joy of seeing them grow up, get married and have their own children.

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