Just this morning as I was driving into the radio station I crossed the railroad tracks, pretty much the same as I do everyday, however this morning there was heavier traffic than usual, and I couldn't believe what happened next.

What with school back in gear traffic is definitely running heavier than usual and this morning when I crossed the railroad tracks there were two cars stopped at the intersection stop sign just past the tracks. I knew I couldn't fit and so I waited for the traffic to move before I carefully crossed the tracks.

Then as I looked in my rear view mirror I was stunned by what I saw, the person behind me pulled right up and sat on the railroad tracks waiting for the traffic to move! I have to say I took a closer look at the driver, and wondered what in the world they were thinking? Sure enough they looked like they might be half asleep!

Regardless, there they sat on the tracks waiting. Fortunately the traffic moved up pretty quickly and they cleared the tracks without incident.

It's heavier traffic now that we're back to school! So you'll want to remember, and remind the young drivers in the family.We may not be zipping through some of the intersections we cross everyday like we used to during the summer. Bear in mind...please don't stop on the railroad tracks, it's never a good idea!


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