Teeing off in Summer 2022 (according to their website), you could be seeing a new side of green at the Red Feather Golf Course in Lubbock, Texas. The new golf course and social club will be located at 146th and Quaker.

Brad Ralston, the owner, came up with a course that will be 18 holes. The picture above kind of shows how they are planning to lay them out. They also created a fun 3D layout if you would like to see it as well. The designer of the course is named Rob Collins of kingcollinsgolf. This company has designed golf courses all across the country. The greens will range from a par 3 to par 5 with two holes hitting 600 yards.

Their land is about 135 acres and will offer more than just golf. It will also be a social club that will offer food and other amenities as well. This will include a resort-style pool, spa services, private cabanas and Pickleball. It's all family-friendly.

This location might be familiar to you because it's also where the new Dirks and Brewery LBK will near. According to Lubbock Lights, there will be golf cart parking at their new spot so that people can enjoy their drinks and food as well.

Red Feather GC via Instagram
Red Feather GC via Instagram

On Red Feather's official website, memberships fees are already listed. Here they are listed out if you're interested in joining:

  • Transferable Membership: $50,000 Initiation $750/Month
  • Callable Memberships: $30,000 Initiation $750/Month
  • Non Resident (100 miles): $15,000 Initiation $500/Month
  • Social Only: $2,500 Initiation $500/Month Minimum Spend.

Foe comparison's sake, this is about three times the buy-in at Lubbock Country Club.

If you would like more information, check out their website or this interview done by Lubbock Lights.

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