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The State of New Mexico has made headlines today now that recreational use of marijuana is legal throughout the state. And one thing New Mexico seems to be counting on is Texas.

A quick google search of Hobbs, Roswell, and Clovis already show numerous recreational marijuana dispensaries that have opened and one can imagine that more will open throughout eastern New Mexico. In fact, according to KAMC, some are predicting that recreational marijuana will be huge for eastern New Mexico towns.

This decision will also benefit the New Mexico economy, according to Richard Chambers, a dispensary developer in Eastern New Mexico.

He explained, “In communities like Clovis, Portales, you know, 5 to 10 dispensaries opening up ranges anywhere from 50 to 100 jobs created which is unprecedented. So this is a huge moment for eastern New Mexico. Definitely.”

Just reading through numerous articles tells me that folks in New Mexico are hoping for people in West Texas to make the trip to the state to purchase what they can't purchase in Texas. And while the businesses may be ready for Texans to cross state lines, so are the police in Texas.

Remember, while it's legal to purchase marijuana in New Mexico, it is still very much illegal to bring into Texas, and yes you can go to jail if your caught. KOAT reported that El Paso police will be on the lookout for those crossing back into Texas.

In Texas, where recreational marijuana will still be illegal, officials are also preparing for April 1st. Enrique Carrillo is the spokesperson for El Paso Police. He says they will be on the lookout for anyone who comes into New Mexico to purchase marijuana and tries to bring it back into Texas.

Carrillo says, "Do not bring it back to Texas because any amount, any usable amount, is illegal, and we will enforce it. Once someone crosses that state line, we will enforce the law, and if you get stopped in possession of marijuana, you will be charged."

I expect to see a lot of Texans over the next few weeks pulled over by Texas DPS and other law enforcement agencies. If you are traveling to New Mexico, for any reason. Be smart, obey the traffic laws, and once again, be smart.

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