Randy Rogers is the new owner of an iconic Texas country music venue: The Randy Rogers Band frontman has purchased the Cheatham Street Warehouse, located in San Marcos, Texas.

A press release reports that Rogers, along with partner KRR Entertainment, an Austin-based events company, bought the Cheatham Street Warehouse from the children of the venue's original owner, Kent Finlay, on Dec. 20. Finaly, who passed away in March of 2015, opened the Cheatham Street Warehouse in June of 1974. Mainstream country music fans know the club as the spot where George Strait first played with his band, Ace in the Hole, on Oct. 13, 1975; additionally, in 1977, it was Finlay and songwriter Daryl Staedtler who began making trips to Nashville with Strait, in a cargo van.

"Knowing that Cheatham Street’s legacy will stay intact under the love and care of Randy Rogers fills all of our hearts,” Jenni Finlay, Kent Finlay's oldest daughter, says. “Randy came up performing at Dad’s beloved Songwriters Night, and it’s only fitting that he takes the helm. We’re so excited about the next chapter for Cheatham Street."

The Cheatham Street Warehouse has hosted a songwriters open mic night almost every Wednesday for more than 40 years. In addition to Rogers, Hal Ketchum, James McMurtry and many more have attended Songwriters Night, and everyone from Willie Nelson to Guy Clark, among others, has performed at the venue.

"I still get butterflies when I step on that stage," Rogers says. "I'm going to make sure other songwriters and musicians, young and old, get to experience that same feeling for many years to come. That's my goal."

Per the release, Rogers' primary goal is to maintain the Cheatham Street Warehouse's character and continue Kent Finaly's legacy; however, a few cosmetic changes and updates -- the addition of a permanent patio, food service -- are on the way.

Earlier in 2016, the RRB reached the milestone of selling more than one million albums throughout their career, and their newest disc, Nothing Shines Like Neon, hit the Top 5 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. The band will spend much of 2017 on the road.

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