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Rain Uptown, at 5217 98th Street, has closed its doors temporarily and getting set to move to an undisclosed location, according to Lubbock in the Loop.

We can only speculate about where they may relocate to or how soon, but they will be missed. It may take some time for the transition, but they shared on their Facebook page that their other restaurant, Rain Cafe at 2708 50th Street, is still open.

Rain Cafe serves some wonderful classic American food, and Rain Uptown serves a very different menu, so if you're craving a go-to favorite from Rain Uptown, we can't say how long you will have to wait.

There are so many fabulous and unique items on Rain Uptown's menu that there's plenty to miss. Rain Uptown, in contrast to their Rain Cafe, is a fine dining candlelit experience.

Here's what they share on their website:

Rain Uptown, established by the Soltani family & Chef Pierre Gabelli, specializes in fine dining cuisine heavily influenced by northern Italia. From house made pastas and hand cut dry aged beef, to seafood flown in three times a week, we take steps to insure only the freshest and highest quality products are served.

Chef Pierre has vast international experience and their menu reflects that. Serene ambiance, live music, and an extensive wine list help to make Rain Uptown truly special. A spectacular assortment of European dishes, in addition to their fine Italian cuisine, offers something for every taste.

We wish them all the best and look forward to the re-opening of Rain Uptown in their new Lubbock location.

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