A fan ran onto the field late during Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Buccaneers. The masked gentleman wore a salacious one-piece pink leotard with black shorts and some neon shoes.

Whenever a fan gets on the field, the TV broadcast has to shy away from the moment. They don't want to glorify the idiot who jumps on the field, so CBS broadcasters Jim Nantz and Tony Romo had to denounce the gentleman who wanted to be seen and rush to a commercial break.

Radio broadcasters, however, have zero qualms about giving the man in the uncomfortable pink number his shine.

When the fan hit the field, broadcasting legend Kevin Harlan was on the call:

"He's pulling down his pants! Pull up your pants, my man," Harlan howled as the fan ran down the center of the field.

The streaker himself was tied to the infamous YouTube prankster and all-around jack wagon Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The field runner's leotard was emblazoned with VITALY UNCENSORED across the front. I'm assuming that's a website owned by Vitaly, though I did not check Google to confirm because I'm at work and 'uncensored' generally is tied to NSFW. If you want to do the Googling and report back to me on the contents of the website, you can contact me on Twitter @Robbreauxshow.

We can all agree that the real star of the show was Kevin Harlan, who made even a fan running down the field as exciting as a game-winning touchdown.

Mahomes, The Streaker and Super Bowl LV

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